If you have a smoking pipe with burns, breaks, cracks, gouges, missing parts, or any other type of damage, talk to me. I can help.

No matter whether the damage is cosmetic or structural, I offer repair services to take care of your needs. I use only quality materials and exacting methods to ensure that the repair is not only functional, but also long-lasting and as seamless as possible.

Every pipe is unique. Some repairs require more time and detail oriented work than others. So, repairs are always evaluated on a case by case basis. If more than a single, reliable solution exists, I can offer my clients options and help them choose the solution that best fits their needs.

Some examples of damage that my repair services may be able to help you with are:


  • Scorched rims

  • Burned bowls

  • Cracked or gouged bowls, shanks, or rims

  • Severely scratched or dented bowls

  • Missing or broken stems

  • Severe bite marks, cracks, or holes in stems

  • Flattened or deformed stem buttons

  • Missing or deteriorated stem logos

Many more repairs are possible. So, contact me today and we will discuss your project.


Cook's Fine Pipe Works
PO Box 11448
Danville, VA 24543




Note: I will typically respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. If you have not received a reply within that time frame, please check your spam folder or contact me again at the address above.

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