The highest level of care and diligence is always afforded to your pipe while it is in my custody. However, the material components of a pipe may become particularly fragile due to the effects of age, prior use, and abuse. In very rare cases, this may result in additional damage being incurred during work. By agreeing to the work, the client acknowledges this possibility and accepts all responsibility for such damage.

All quotes prior to the final invoice are to be considered estimates. Occasionally, problems are revealed during the repair or restoration process that weren’t apparent during assessment. Addressing these issues may require extra work and incur fees not included in the original quote. In these cases, you will be contacted immediately and the work will be stopped until you have approved the additional work.

Situations may arise on rare occasions where the specific request of the client or the condition of the pipe itself will not allow me to achieve the minimum standards that I have set for the quality of work. In these cases, I reserve the right to refuse the work to preserve quality assurance.

Cook’s Fine Pipe Works will not be responsible for items that are lost, stolen, damaged, or seized during incoming or outgoing shipment. All duties or tariffs imposed on international packages are the responsibility of the client.


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Note: I will typically respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. If you have not received a reply within that time frame, please check your spam folder or contact me again at the address above.

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